“NOW” is a video collection of photographs taken at Two Particular Acres Farm by us over the last two decades. The accompanying song is our friend Brian Stratton’s version of “The Farmer is the Man”, who kindly recorded it for our website!


By Gail K. Foley

It’s Two Particular Acres,
the land we love the most.
On Two Particular Acres,
We make the greatest compost.

We pile the dirt nice and high
And bring it to a boil,
Then crack the pile open,
For the world’s best soil.

With food waste, leaves and manure,
All mixed into the core,
The high heat kills the mold
And turns it to ‘Black Gold’.

At Two Particular Acres,
We’re a landscaper’s dream.
The windrows are so tidy,
And on cold mornings, let off steam.

The manure is never ending,
Proud compliments from Red.
You can see him every day,
Our neighbor, Farmer Ned.

With paper boxes and poop,
All mixed into a scoop,
The best compost ever sold,
Two Particular Acres … ‘Black Gold’.


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